About Pt. (Dr) Pravin Godkhindi

Born in a family of musicians, music is a divine blessing to Pravin. He hails from Dharwad, a place which has given to the world many great musicians like Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Gangubai Hangal and Pt Kumar Gandharva. He is fortunate to have his father Pandit VENKATESH GODKHINDI, an eminent vocalist and Bansuri arCste of the country, as his first and only Guru for Flute. Pravin started toying with a small flute at the tender age of 3 and since then it has been his best companion. His passion for Flute could hardly be matched with anything else even during his childhood. With such a passion blended with early hours of rigorous Riyaz under the able guidance of his guru, Pravin started exhibiCng the glimpses of a genius in the making. Pravin gave his first public concert at the age of 6 years and held the audience spellbound. His quest for deeper knowledge about LAYAKAARI brought him to his Guru, Vidwan ANOOR ANANTH KRISHNA SHARMA a reputed Mridangam arCste who is providing able guidance to Pravin on the deeper aspects of LAYA and LAYAKAARI.

His father has taught him Hindustani BANSURI in KIRANA GHARAANA GAYAKI STYLE. But Pravin added the GATKAARI or TANTRAKAARI STYLE by his own efforts and succeeded in it. He is adept in both the styles. Sonorous blowing, control over the breath, elaboraCons of Raga with its aestheCc appeal, extraordinary and skillful rendiCon of Layakaari are but a few salient features of his flute recital. He has been ably balancing both tradiConal and creaCve music. Western classical, Jazz and CarnaCc classical also have favorably influenced him.

A front-ranker from the beginning, Pravin has completed his B.E (Electrical and Electronics) in
first class with DisQncQon.!

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